Four days to go..

After sorting out a system image for Windows 7, I ran the Windows 8 upgrade this evening. The whole process took around an hour to complete, and I am pleased to report that almost everything is working. Hardware is all up and running and my old Canon Lide 30 scanner works after updating to the latest version of Vuescan. Windows 7 has been overwritten, so I don’t expect any CHKDSK errors. Software has taken hits. I have one or two games which no longer run, but may try to re-install them in compatibility mode, and I have lost my two … Continue reading Four days to go..

Hot ‘939s’..

A hot 939 is about as welcome as a hot 940. I am of course talking about AMD CPUs. The problem with the AMD 939 is that the stock cooler is not as efficient as it could be, and because 939s only saw a year of production, there are not too many around, and not too many better cooling solutions either. The good news is that a stock AMD 2 or 3 heatsink can be used. There is a slight issue with accommodating the heat pipes of an AMD 2 or 3 heatsink, but it is easy enough to shave … Continue reading Hot ‘939s’..


This is the error code produced when trying to create a system image of Windows 7 onto a backup drive, and this is what you see. " There is not enough disk space to create the volume shadow copy on storage location. Make sure that for all volume to be backup up, the minimum disk space required for shadow copy creation is available. this applies to both the backup storage destination and volume included in the backup. Minimum requirement for Volumes less than 500 megabytes, the minimum is 50 megabyte of free space. for volumes more than 500 megabytes, the … Continue reading 0x80780119

Consumed by speed?

Would you like your computer to boot from a standing start to Windows in five seconds or less? Sure you would, because you would not have to tap your pencil or twiddle your fingers waiting for it to reboot after the last lot of updates. OK, supposing that your computer would boot in five seconds or less, would you have quick enough reflexes to hit an F key, to temporarily change the boot order, get into BIOS, or into OS repair mode? If you had a dual boot setup, would you ever get to run the 2nd OS? The only way … Continue reading Consumed by speed?

Can’t wait for Windows 8?

You should be so lucky. I have it but can’t get it to run particularly well. I hooked up the Windows 8 drive today, and I knew it was 8 because that is how many minutes elapsed before it was usable. I uninstalled Start8 and installed Classic Shell in between the freezes, and also tried the three major updates, but it stopped installing after the second update. After that I couldn’t do anything as it froze solid, so I gave up. A reboot back to 7 invoked a massive CHKDSK which took forever, and as soon as I was back … Continue reading Can’t wait for Windows 8?

Remember the Vista/XP problems?

I do and only too well. If both were installed on the same machine, shadow copies and restore points would disappear daily. It is what forced me to go to Vista full time and dump XP. This time, the decision is not so clear cut because moving entirely to Windows 8 will not get me anything I don’t already have, including general performance, and I will be losing stuff that I find invaluable. I have now disconnected the Windows 8 hard drive and it will stay that way unless I can find a way to make 7 and 8 live … Continue reading Remember the Vista/XP problems?

Windows 7 and 8 do NOT like to co-exist..

All hard drives checkout as ok, and Windows 7 runs flawlessly, boots flawlessly, and does everything else flawlessly UNTIL Windows 8 is introduced to the system. Even when I had Windows 8 in VirtualBox, it still played up a bit but only affected itself, not the host. One in three reboots from Windows 8 back into 7 results in a CHKDSK run because Windows 7 will not start properly. I have isolated both operating systems as much as I can, and am at a loss as to what to do next. The obvious choice is NOT to boot into Windows … Continue reading Windows 7 and 8 do NOT like to co-exist..

Windows 8 – a fresh install..

While doing maintenance on the computer, I decided to fit the drive allocated for Windows 8, and to install a full running Windows 8. It all seemed to go well but Event Viewer told another story. I could not believe the amount of critical errors and warnings. So I set about downloading device drivers.. AMD have released chipset drivers for the series 7 boards and higher, and Realtek have audio and LAN drivers. Microsoft’s Windows 7 hardware drivers appear to be ok in Windows 8. Will the Windows 8 computer go into hibernation? Only after installing the Windows 8 drivers. … Continue reading Windows 8 – a fresh install..

A cheap network printer..

This is what has become of my venerable HP Deskjet 5150. Bought in 2003, it has been connected directly to my PC and shared with other network users, but no more. I have one of these.. These things are half the price of anything available locally, can be bought on eBay for around $20 (free shipping), are so much more reliable a connection than relying on sharing a printer from a host computer, and will work with almost any USB printer. All you need is a spare outlet on your router. If your old USB printer finally rolls over … Continue reading A cheap network printer..

My box so far..

Considering the ambient temperature in this high rise, south facing condo, the fans in the case are pinning the CPU to around 33°C, which is 6 to 8°C less than it used to be. The case sits quite close to heating pipes too, the price of not having unlimited floor space, so I am not too unhappy. Of course, it is louder than it used to be, with one fan on the lower front, two exhaust fans on the top, one exhaust fan at the back and two on the CPU. There is space for four more, but the noise … Continue reading My box so far..