Somebody has left the building..

Steve Sinofsky is no longer an employee of Microsoft. Apart from being there for two decades, his greatest claim to fame was Windows 7 which was delivered on time and working. Take up was huge, and it has been an unmitigated success. Until recently, it has been the best Windows ever.

If you wanted to quit on a high, Windows 7 would be it. Steve Sinofsky didn’t quit. He stayed on to manage the development of the next Windows. The new Windows is with us, and initial reception is not what you would call electric, and if you did, it is more an ‘electric fence’ than a ‘Tesla coil’.

Who will lead the next Windows charge? It will not be Steve Sinofsky. The last job he had was to clear his desk and do the ceremony of handing back his security pin. There was no humorous video like the one made by Bill Gates. The only movie with Steve in it would be the CCTV content as he was walked to the exit.

Was it his idea to leave or was he pushed? Maybe a bit of both. His style didn’t always go down well with the high command by most reports, and Windows 8 is not rocketing anywhere near upward. Was the decision to cripple the desktop such a good idea after all? In an interview recently, Bill Gates did his best to be upbeat about Windows 8 and Microsoft’s general direction, and he talked about ‘touch’ being an important factor in the future, but he also talked of not leaving the ‘natural way’ behind too. I got the impression that maybe he didn’t like the castrated desktop either.

Windows 7 may yet prove to be the best OS to date well into the future, and certainly as far as Windows 9. In the meantime, Windows 8 by default is garnering some bad reviews from many of the first wave of users, but ‘8’ is great with a 3rd party start menu installed. Don’t write it off just yet..

Steve Sinofsky may never get the full credit for Windows 8, especially if it is 3rd party stuff which saves it. For those who follow, they might do well to look at what has happened, and ensure that they too don’t walk to the exit silently a coupe of years from now.. .

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