Tying up loose ends..

Both are related to the computer either becoming unresponsive and/or having to shutdown.

1. The Ultra power supply

When the computer started to shut down, I knew that it was an issue with the supply itself. That removing the power cord and re-inserting it, told me as much.

I had chased down other routes, changing the power cable, changing the internal power switch cable etc, and nothing had worked. So, the last time it happened, I switched the main power cable and when inserting the replacement, I noticed that the connector went further into the socket on the power supply.

Needless to say, there has not been a re-occurrence of the computer failing to restart, start, or come out of hibernation.

Problem solved, and I will be sending an email to Ultra, explaining that the problem appeared to be a combination of the power cable in use and my inability to connect it properly..

2. ATI HD4000 driver issues

There is no full Windows 8 driver set for this video adapter, and running Windows 7 drivers in compatibility mode ends in tears. The computer will freeze, will not come out of sleep, will not come out of hibernation, and has to have a power switch restart. Not good..

At first, the problem reminded me of the first LCD panel I ever owned, and I must admit to thinking that the LG screen was going the same way. I attached a small Dell LCD panel that I have as a spare, and it displayed the same behaviour as the LG.

It had to be the driver. There is a combo driver for the ATI HD4000 which covers Windows 7 and to a lesser degree Windows 8 on the ATI driver pages. Before downloading and installing, it is best to remove any old driver files in the C:\ATI directory before you start.

After installing the new(ish) driver, the computer has settled down.

Problem solved. The computer may get a 3rd party video card in the future, but it is good enough and stable enough to accommodate all I am doing presently.

3. Dual screens

It has been a while since the matching second LCD panel decided to give up on me. When I hooked up the Dell LCD panel, I also installed Ultramon. Regardless of what Microsoft offers for dual screening, a proper utility works so much better. I am glad that I have kept it going..

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