So you don’t like the Windows 8 start menu..

Boo hoo hoo.

Neither do i, for the record.

You don’t have to go to the trouble of reverting back to Windows 7. That takes a lot of work

All you have to do is add a 3rd party start menu.

What? You don’t like to add 3rd party stuff?

What do you think Adobe reader is, or McAfee or Norton anti-virus? They may be included in your computer package, but they are NOT Microsoft products. They are 3rd party stuff.

Well, so are Start8, Pokki and Classic shell 3rd party products, and they are more benign than the three products mentioned previously.

Instead of brandishing the Mac or Linux flag in a threatening manner, or crying in your milk, use one of the Start menu offerings.

These two are free..

This one isn’t free, but it was the deal maker as far as me running Windows 8 was concerned.. It costs $4.99 but is just like Windows 7..

I think that there are others too, but the three above are the best known..

Of course, if you would rather spend hours re-installing Windows ‘whatever you had before’, not forgetting the 3rd party stuff….

One thought on “So you don’t like the Windows 8 start menu..

  1. Bought new PC and it had Windows 8 installed. Used it heavily for 2 weeks and had enough. This is, in my opinion, a total joke brought on by Microsoft trying to compete with Samsung/Google and it is only going to backfire on them. Returned PC and bought new one with Windows 7. Funny though, they included 2 Windows 8 disks…..I’ll be sending these back to Microsoft.

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