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I wish that I was a software author. I would be able to see how easy it is to get a Microsoft Partner logo. I am talking about this..

MP Gold

Put this on your website and you could get a lot of business from it. The logo suggests that Microsoft is endorsing your product, and in the minds of some that Microsoft is recommending it, almost taking it on as it’s own..

Places to see this logo.. almost any website offering products which claim to speed up your PC. It is for this reason that I would never want to be associated with the Microsoft Partner Network, even if I could write the best and most benign software EVER..

I don’t run adverts on any website, or blog for which I am responsible because I flatly refuse to be put in a situation where I have to ne nice about stuff which is a scam.

I do have a software section on my website, added in all good faith, where I recommend 3rd party. I will check that none of the links I provide don’t also link to scamware,  because if they do, they will be removed from the list.

It will not leave any of the jokers quaking in their boots, but if ALL IT people with any integrity took the same line, it could and would make a difference.

I like Microsoft. I still believe that had it not been for Bill Gates, Paul Allen, the rest of the original Microsoft crew, and IBM allowing clones of its hardware, we would not be doing this now.

I also believe that Microsoft should lead a charge against crappy scam software, not just monitoring Windows 8 apps. I understand that the boys and girls in Redmond are kept busy enough, but the lead needs to come from the top.

Let’s get some integrity back into IT, and not fall completely into the hole presently occupied by the auto and construction world.

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