Too many fails – whoa up..

I dip into the Microsoft Community Windows 8 forum and what do I see? Fail, fail, fail. This morning, an OP is asking if an XP machine he bought from hiss company will be a good candidate for Windows 8.. Take a look here, the OP is advised.. Oh yes, he replies back that his PC exceeds those specs. Good to go, yes? The MS minimum specs haven’t changed since computers users were upgrading from Windows 98 to XP!! The processor.. A good link, this one, and just the kind that is going to appeal to the family man … Continue reading Too many fails – whoa up..

Windows Live Messenger.. the future..

There isn’t one. Microsoft It will be replacing it with Skype. March 2013 will be end for what started out as MSN Messenger in 1999. In it’s heyday, if you wanted to ‘talk’ to a friend across the world, it was the cheapest and clearest option around. In the meantime, Windows Live Messenger does not co-exist well with Windows 8. I have managed to start it up just twice. All other attempts have left the machine hanging. So now it has been uninstalled and Qnext installed in it’s place. Qnext is a social connector which  covers four exits.. see here.. … Continue reading Windows Live Messenger.. the future..

Windows 8 64-bit compatibility..

My external hardware devices.. D-Link DWL G-132 wireless 108G USB adapter is identified, installs without the need for any additional drivers and connects to the wireless network at 54mb, just as it did on Windows 7. The surprise is that it still works. It was earmarked for the chop quite a while ago, pre Windows 7, by D-Link. Ultra USB 2.0 Fax Modem, bought last year for use with Windows 7 is identified, installs without the need for any additional driver, and It sends and receives fax. No surprises.. Creative MuVo 128mb mp3 player is identified, installs without the need … Continue reading Windows 8 64-bit compatibility..

Windows 8 upgrades – Problems?

It is possible to to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 without having a bunch of issues in close pursuit because I have done it. Mind you, it only came good on the second upgrade attempt. While the first attempt did seem to go through ok, I did have issues and not everything worked as expected. This is what is happening to a lot of people presently. My next move was to re-install Windows 7 which I knew worked well, ran all of the updates, and then added only the absolute essentials for what I do on the computer … Continue reading Windows 8 upgrades – Problems?

Windows 8 – More oddities..

Windows Live Messenger and Windows 8 Messaging.. This morning, I messaged my sister on Windows Live Messenger. When she replied, the Windows 8 Messaging app popped up a box which as it turns out was mirroring the conversation. I can’t say that I was expecting it, but eventually I clicked on the box and continued typing to her. So far so good.. She asked me a question, and as usual, I was going to look it up in IE and paste a link back. Hmmmm.. easier said than done when in a full screen app with no apparent way to … Continue reading Windows 8 – More oddities..

Windows 8 – Weather Network update..

From the horse’s mouth at the Weather Network. “Hi, Thank you for taking the time to get in touch; we appreciate your feedback. We are working on optimizing the original version of the app for windows 8.  In the interim, we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our Windows 8 application and are working on a fix. We hope to have an improved version available in the store as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.” So, it looks like the cavalry is on it’s way, via the Windows 8 app which is also not playing by the … Continue reading Windows 8 – Weather Network update..