A couple of things..

Dreamscene.. Wah, it’s back..

If you set Bing.com as your homepage, you will see what I mean.

At the moment, a village in the Pyrenees is rotating slowly, similar to the effect of laying down after drinking too much. A day or two ago, it was a Lemur licking Bamboo. Very disconcerting.. Are these the family and friends that Steve Ballmer talked about having on the desktop?

Whose family? Smile 

It doesn’t happen in IE9/Windows 7, so this must be a hidden Windows 8/IE10 feature, except that it is not hidden.. I wonder how much more battery power this feature will use over a standard static photo. Fortunately, it can be stopped by using the manual controls on the screen. Also, not all photos are animated.

One more nail in Cyber bullying..

Yahoo is finally axing it’s chat rooms which, for the longest time, have been hotbeds of cyber-bullying.

Yahoo chat is full of porn bots and script kiddies who use malicious boot programs to spoil the fun of those who still see it as good cultural exchange. Third parties wrote clients for it that cut out the booters and the ads. In response, Yahoo changed stuff to make the third party clients incompatible.

In the end, the third parties lost interest, and that’s that. Game over. 


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