B for Apple..

Not too long ago, an Apple Store was opened in London Ontario. It resides on the second floor at Masonville Place, London’s premier mall. Anyway, it came to pass that I was in the area and in the company of an iPad expert, so I decided to take a look..

Hmmm.. I saw the white Apple icon first, but as I got closer, I was quite surprised. All flat tables, the first four had an ‘express checkout’, and three tables of iPads. The second row was combination of Macbook Air, Pro and the iPhone 5. The third row had desktop Macs and a personalization station. Along the back, was a breakfast bar arrangement, and a small display of accessories.

There were not too many customers, outnumbered easily by the amount of staff members, few of whom looked anything close to interested in what they were doing.

Two questions. If Mac products are so intuitive, so easy to set up and operate, why was so much space given to personalization, and why was one of the sales guys trying to sell a $90 home training package to learn all there is to know, with an option to extend the training?

It’s as well that Mac products sell themselves presently, at least the iPads. If Blackberry’s new products are as good as the rumours, this Apple store will be in serious trouble.

That is why I give it a B, and I am being extremely kind.

My iPad expert had a blast in there. She is my grand-daughter, only five years old, PC computer literate, trained by a friend in the use of an iPad, and really knows her way around. She could do a better job of selling than the paid staff. She knows her stuff and she is cute to boot.. 

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