Three left standing..

Desktop, Advanced English Dictionary and CBC News are the only apps still working in my Windows 8 Modern UI. Maps almost worked but had no idea of the whereabouts of my actual location.

Windows Store is like a retail establishment that looks busy, but all of the boxes in the store are actually empty. In truth, I don’t mind at all because there is nothing there that I want or need. The games, apart from TriPeaks and FreeCell, are not my cup of tea, and the productive apps are not too productive, some lacking essential productive features.

You might think that Windows 8 is not working well for me. You would be wrong. The operating system has issues, of that there is little doubt, but they are not affecting the desktop side that I can see.

There are some who no doubt wonder why I am bothering to stick with Windows 8, being as how the essence of Windows 8 is the tiles. With the right tools, the Windows 8 desktop operating system is ok, as good as Windows 7, so why not stick with it.

In a couple of years, there will be software which will only run in Windows 8 and I may want it, so for now it is Windows 8 for me. As for the issues, if they spread to the desktop, I guess I will have to re-install.

By the way, I tried all of the troubleshooting tips to bring the broken tiles back to life, but none worked. ‘Unpin from Start’ worked a treat.

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