Modern UI.. partial success

OK, so I managed to install TWO whole apps that work. Way to go. Unfortunately, they are the anti-thesis of production. I now have to Logo Quiz games, very addictive, but lacking any other value.

I tried SIX other apps, mainly productive, but they will not install. All of the originals are lost too, and every time that I go to Windows Store, the apps try to install but ultimately fail.

In my opinion, Modern UI is a waste of space, it really is. I fix home user computers and do online support for thousands, and there is NOTHING about the Modern UI which adds value to what I do.

This desktop computer is very functional, easy to use and can’t be confused with a tablet or smartphone. The only thing it can’t do is easily operate on the ‘road’.

I am so tempted to reply in an unprofessional way when told that Modern UI is the way forward. If people want to be trendy and play with expensive toys, I am not going to criticise them, so please back off with statements about wiping the desktop interface out entirely.

It works. Bill Gates supports it and always has. I support it and always have. Many out there support it and always have. Leave us alone..

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