The time of goodwill..

.. and that includes inanimate objects like computers too.

Don’t throw your new Windows 8 computer out of the window in frustration or into snow. It invalidates the manufacturer warranty..

Install a 3rd party Start Menu if it is all too much for you..


Costs $5 but is just like Windows 7..

They make a huge difference to usability, trust me. I use one myself and would be back with Windows 7 were it not for Start8. Now, I have the best of both worlds. I can still get stuff done, and can have a play with the ‘other’ side now and again..

If you need help, go to here..

It is the largest collection of knowledgeable Microsoft aware people on the planet.

Explain your problem simply and stick to the point.. We don’t need life histories or claims of X years experience in Windows. And no shouting.. Smile

Whatever you are doing, in a family group or alone, have a great time, and don’t forget to cross your fingers for next year. It may be the only thing that works for you..

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