In the news..

iPad mini sales are cutting into iPad sales are cutting into iMac sales. And this is a surprise? Hardly.. Of course, it does throw a spanner into the works for other manufacturers in as much as there has been a rush to bring out largish tablets. Apple are proving that smaller is what consumers really want. It won’t be long before Apple or maybe Samsung brings out a Flip-Smartphone. Imagine a pocket sized phone that flips out to something like an iPad mini. ………………………………………………. Intel are getting out of the ‘home’ market motherboard business. Oh no.. Is this the end … Continue reading In the news..

Latest ATI HD 4000 driver.. a problem..

If you notice a problem after installation, use a restore point to get back. Don’t do what I did and suspect everything BUT the driver. It isn’t worth the time In this case. it stopped the sleep function of my PC. Also, before installing ATI drivers, or anything major really, make a restore point. I had to go back to the 17th.. More problems.. the restoration cobbled my ESET 5 installation. I will get around to re-installing it soon. On the plus side, it deleted a bunch of LG drivers which did nothing beneficial towards connecting my LG phone to … Continue reading Latest ATI HD 4000 driver.. a problem..

ATI drivers for the HD 4000,3000, 2000

There is a new driver, dated 20/1/2013, on the ATI driver support page.. I wish that I had a snapshot of the driver page when Windows 8 appeared. It was obvious that somebody had made the decision NOT to support the HD’s below the 5000 models, but now there is a statement as to why there has been a shift in policy.. “The reason for the shift in support policy is largely due to the fact that the AMD Radeon HD 4000, AMD Radeon HD 3000, and AMD Radeon HD 2000 Series have been optimized to their maximum potential … Continue reading ATI drivers for the HD 4000,3000, 2000

Windows 8 training..

For the home user or small business, there is essentially no training. The screens while installing show basic mouse movements which do not work too well in practice. In order to set up applications like accounting stuff or even MS Office, access via the desktop is imperative and in this respect, the Windows 8 default UI falls flat on its face. I have a client who recently bought a new Windows 8 PC to which I immediately added ‘Classic Shell’. It is used primarily for a home based business and the owner needed to make as fast a transition from … Continue reading Windows 8 training..

Upgrade prices rise.. a lot..

As of February 1st, the cost of a Windows 8 upgrade rises substantially from $40 to $200. I don’t know about you, but I can’t see too many paying out that kind of money for a product that is known to be difficult and not altogether reliable, certainly in Modern UI colours. My guess is that Microsoft is well aware that most of its user base will be running pre-installed OEM Windows 8 on new machines. The promotion got Windows 8 out into the wild quickly, which is a good thing. Had Microsoft also included a full desktop, there would … Continue reading Upgrade prices rise.. a lot..


A PATA/SATA hard drive..  .. is good value per Gb.. .. is available in a lot of sizes.. I can tell that you were expecting more, and there is.. Mechanical hard drives start off life quite well. Treat then carefully, don’t let them overheat, don’t drop them and they can last a good few years. The cost over the years is negligible. However, not all do treat them well, and the day comes when programs lose data or play up in some other way. Windows in general becomes sluggish, boot time to login takes longer. Still the user ignores what … Continue reading PATA/SATA vs. SSD..

Twenty five per cent? Ouch

Just recently, I downloaded and installed the beta version of Speedfan (4.48 beta 6), and I have noticed at times a rise in the CPU temperature. So what do you think is causing the rise? I will tell you.. Task Manager shows it as being Internet Explorer 10, the desktop version. I have noticed that Firefox has the same effect in Windows 7.. The fix is easy enough. Close down IE 10 and restart it. Annoying but it works.. 

Desktop applications: 1 Windows 8 UI: 0

Apart from MS Office 2010, I have a few minor applications on my PC. Skype Messenger A utility to capture YouTube videos Filezilla to upload changes to my website because it is more accomplished than the Windows offering Arcsoft Photostudio Power2Go 7 and LabelPrint 2 Treesize A couple of games The normal drivers and utilities associated with running a desktop Windows Live Writer.. .. and that’s about it. Everything that I do daily on this PC is covered by the list you see above. I don’t even see this much on many of the computers owned by my clients. … Continue reading Desktop applications: 1 Windows 8 UI: 0

Speedfan and Windows 8..

If you didn’t already know, SpeedFan 4.47 doesn’t like Windows 8, but there is a fix. It is called SpeedFan 4.48 beta6 and to get it, you have to sign up.. SpeedFan is a very useful utility for desktop PCs and I do recommend using it. This is what it can do for you..

The involuntary shutdown..

.It wasn’t .the motherboard or OS installation or the power supply per se. At first build.. Two SATA cables coming from the power supply, one to the two hard drives, the other to the SATA DVD drive. Two Molex power cables coming from the back of the power supply, one to two fans of the four fans and the power to the X-Port/USB circuit which also provides extra power to the front panel USB ports. The other was folded away.. Everything worked.. I added a third hard drive, and used the SATA power cable from the DVD drive because I … Continue reading The involuntary shutdown..