Windows 8 training..

For the home user or small business, there is essentially no training. The screens while installing show basic mouse movements which do not work too well in practice. In order to set up applications like accounting stuff or even MS Office, access via the desktop is imperative and in this respect, the Windows 8 default UI falls flat on its face.

I have a client who recently bought a new Windows 8 PC to which I immediately added ‘Classic Shell’. It is used primarily for a home based business and the owner needed to make as fast a transition from a failing XP based computer as possible. He would never have managed it on his own, and most certainly not with the Modern UI.

In large corporates, they arrange training sessions. A small home business or small office based business doesn’t have the luxury, time, personnel or cash to waste time training. They need to get up and running fast, and a brief tutorial as Windows 8 installs just doesn’t cut it. My client is happy enough now, and in two weeks, I will make a quick hospitality call to ensure that all is still well.

I have given the client instruction on how to escape from the tiles if he inadvertently arrives there. Smile

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