Office 365 launch

Virtual Launch Event for the new Office 365 for business. Date Wednesday, February 27th 8 am PDT and 5 pm PDT Why Attend? • Learn how the new Office 365 can help people do their best work in a world of devices and services • Hear customers talk about how Office 365 is transforming the way they deliver productivity tools across their organization • See how Office 365 delivers new experiences combining the power of social with collaboration, email and unified communications • Join in a live Q&A with Microsoft executives and product experts

A $1.17 cable..

.. notably a SATA extension power cable is all that stands between a reliable PC and a $100 + payout. Last week, and for the first time in weeks, my PC decided to shut down again.. TWICE. The annoying part is that I can’t remember what I was doing at the time or even if I was sitting in front of it when it happened. Did I put it into sleep mode as I usually do, or did I accidentally click on SHUTDOWN? The cable arrived from Hong Kong today, and the cabling is now as sorted internally as it … Continue reading A $1.17 cable..

8 on a Netbook?

I read a post in the Windows 8 forum re installing Windows 8 on a Netbook and getting caught out by the screen resolution. Older Netbooks can’t manage more than 1024 x 600 due to the drivers and/or the screen technology of the day when made, so Windows 8 apps will not run. Hey, I don’t run Windows 8 from the Modern UI anyway, so I wasn’t too bothered.. A quick visit here.. to see what would and would not work apart from the apps. It was good, just four items needing attention. And then it dawned on me.. … Continue reading 8 on a Netbook?

Metadata scare..

Have you heard about this utility? Document Metadata Cleaner.. A quote.. Whenever you create, open, or save a document in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, that document may store information (known as metadata) that you had no intention of including or disclosing. Metadata information that can be stored on your documents: Your name Your initials Your company or organization name The name of your computer The name of the network server or hard disk where you saved the document The names of previous document authors Document revisions Document versions Hidden text or cells Comments Wow.. all that info gets … Continue reading Metadata scare..

The ‘8’ ball..

Unless Microsoft pull something out of the hat and include it in a service pack for Windows 8, this OS will maybe become known as the ‘8’ ball. Presently, it has a real knack for scuppering itself, as can be seen in the Windows 8 forums. Apps won’t run Apps will not update Apps will not install Windows Refresh does more than most users understand by refresh. It is not the equivalent of splashing water over one’s face. It is more like being caught in a monsoon. Custom refresh, which I have tried, is not a whole lot better and … Continue reading The ‘8’ ball..

Trusteer update..

Don’t blame me, I am only the messenger.. From Trusteer this morning “Please be advised that the links we provided you are short-termed and will expire in the following week.We will publish a fix for this problem soon.” Hopefully, directly after the links already provided expire, eh..

Online banking security..

Banks are eager to ensure that transactions between themselves and their customers are safe for obvious reasons. To this end, you may get a request to install software called ‘Trusteer Rapport’. Always eager to help out, I landed on the Scotiabank page, saw the request and duly installed it. All appeared to be ok on the surface, and I had gained a curious little icon in the address bar. But all was not well. This new utility may have been doing what was claimed, but Speedfan was telling me that the CPU was getting a little hot under the collar. … Continue reading Online banking security..

Saving Favourites..

A term used by Microsoft in reference to what everybody else calls ‘bookmarks’. The folder containing Favourites can be found in the User <name> folder.. So easy. So, when somebody asks me how to save Favourites, I tell them where the folder is located, and how to copy it to another location. So easy. Supposing that this person  uses the term Favourites, but secretly uses Firefox. Will the Firefox bookmarks be saved in the Favourites folder? No.. You can backup the entire Firefox profile, including bookmarks, extensions, settings, and history, then paste it into the Firefox profile directory on the … Continue reading Saving Favourites..