Online banking security..

Banks are eager to ensure that transactions between themselves and their customers are safe for obvious reasons. To this end, you may get a request to install software called ‘Trusteer Rapport’. Always eager to help out, I landed on the Scotiabank page, saw the request and duly installed it.

All appeared to be ok on the surface, and I had gained a curious little icon in the address bar.

But all was not well. This new utility may have been doing what was claimed, but Speedfan was telling me that the CPU was getting a little hot under the collar. Opening Task Manager and looking at the ‘Details’ column, System Idle Process was there at the top, but in ‘hot’ pursuit was IE 10 rising to a high of 25%.

Closing tabs didn’t do anything, then I remembered Trusteer Rapport. Closing it down didn’t do anything either, so I closed down IE and restarted it. For a while, it held 2% max, and then came the sudden rise again.. Time to contact Trusteer.

In one of the Trusteer support pages was a piece on increased hardware activity which showed that they were aware of a problem. At first, they wanted to connect remotely, but I always refuse requests to do that. So they suggested that I close down blocks of five processes at a time and record what happens. Well, the situation didn’t get any better and I told them so.

The last email from them included a fix..

“ We would like to recommend you to download Rapport’s updated version, as we suspect the problems you were experiencing have already been resolved.

You can download the latest version here:

32-bit Operating Systems:

64-bit Operating Systems:

Please note that this qualifies as a beta version, and we would appreciate any feedback you can provide us with once installed.”

Hey, it works and IE 10 has quit the race to be top of the processes.

Installing the new version, the most obvious difference is the lack of an icon in the address bar and the inclusion of a ‘system tray’ icon. I suspect that it was the address bar icon which put the cat among the pigeons.

Even if you are not aware of any issues, it would be a good idea to upgrade your version via the appropriate link above. It will install over the top of what you have now.

Note that it is essentially a beta version, and Trusteer would appreciate feedback if you choose to install it.. 

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