8 on a Netbook?

I read a post in the Windows 8 forum re installing Windows 8 on a Netbook and getting caught out by the screen resolution.

Older Netbooks can’t manage more than 1024 x 600 due to the drivers and/or the screen technology of the day when made, so Windows 8 apps will not run. Hey, I don’t run Windows 8 from the Modern UI anyway, so I wasn’t too bothered..

A quick visit here.. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/buy?ocid=GA8_O_WOL_Dis_Meet_FPP_Null_02.. to see what would and would not work apart from the apps. It was good, just four items needing attention.

And then it dawned on me.. NO GAMES..

Not being able to run Windows 8 apps and no corresponding desktop games is not good. I take the Netbook out with me sometimes, and if my grand-daughter is with me, she likes to play Purble Place and Mah-jong. If I am having to wait around for people, and I often do, FreeCell is a great way to pass the time if I am not in range of a Wi-fi hotspot.

I tried a workaround to get Windows 7 games onto Windows 8 and failed miserably. It’s a game breaker.. literally. Free solitaire style games available on the Internet are appallingly bad, and I am not prepared to re move al fun items just for the sake of running Windows 8.

It is a shame that Microsoft can’t make them available for Windows 8, but such is the determination to force use of the Modern UI. Sorry guys, but you lose on this particular machine.

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