A $1.17 cable..

.. notably a SATA extension power cable is all that stands between a reliable PC and a $100 + payout.

Last week, and for the first time in weeks, my PC decided to shut down again.. TWICE.

The annoying part is that I can’t remember what I was doing at the time or even if I was sitting in front of it when it happened. Did I put it into sleep mode as I usually do, or did I accidentally click on SHUTDOWN?

The cable arrived from Hong Kong today, and the cabling is now as sorted internally as it can be. The top panel on the case now runs entirely on its own cable, and I have removed one fan which was a little noisy. There is a lot riding on it.

My power supply should be up to the job with around 140w of spare capacity, but that is across all of the cables and I don’t know if they are all as good as they should be. Spreading the load better seemed to fix it but this new cable will allow me to spread the load as it should be.

Fingers crossed.. Smile

If it doesn’t work, I will have to either change the case or the motherboard, or just put up with the occasional shutdown

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