Browser wars..

Microsoft is in trouble again for not promoting other browsers over its own in EU versions of Windows 7 SP1.

As you can plainly see from the graph, Internet Explorer is streets ahead of all of the competition and rising. Well, it would be if the green line was Microsoft’s in house browser.Browser war

It looks to be Google’s Chrome browser that is winning. Could this be because all Android mobile devices run Google Chrome by default?

I haven’t seen a browser ballot on my wife’s Android powered smartphone. Where is the option to choose either Firefox or Opera Mini when the Internet icon is tapped?

The only browsers on the rise are the two which appear on mobile devices BY DEFAULT. Is this fair?

Should the EU do something before it all gets out of hand? Does the EU know the difference between left and right hands?

Personally, and as a citizen of one of the member countries, I believe that the EU should find another way to fund their madness..

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