Netbook powered..

This is my first Netbook powered blog post ever.

The core of this system is presently a Toshiba Mini, my production PC internals being scattered around two desks. For now, they are homeless as my original Coolermaster CM 690 II case makes its way back to its maker. The UPS tracker tells me that the case left London Ontario at 21:45. There was no fanfare.

Fortunately, I am not working directly on the Toshiba Mini. The 19″ widescreen monitor and MS 5000 Desktop set are connected and I can actually see what I am typing. I couldn’t work on a small keyboard and look at a small screen for long.

Anybody working for long hours on a small machine must be trying to prove something, much like those who persevere with the Windows 8 UI formerly known as Metro. I am out to prove nothing and like to take the easiest route to a destination. I use small devices only because sometimes I have to use them, not because they are really good or trendy.

Anyway, I am missing my PC already, not just because it is bigger and faster, but because it has got software and data on it useful to what I do daily. Installing Office, setting up and importing mail and notes is nothing like fun, so I intend to take a few days off if business allows, picking up again when the new case arrives and I can put it all back together.

My case has already reached Concord, Ontario and received it’s export scan. It is now set for a seven day tour of the Continental USA, the scheduled delivery date having been set for the 19th of this month. It is amazing that shipping in the US is as cheap as it is. I have tracked packages before and am staggered at the amount of times a package travels south, then north, then south again, then a littler bit west, then a little bit east. Was one to do the same trip in a Toyota Prius, it would cost way more than UPS charge.

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