The Great Wait..

Two great waits actually..

Wait #1.

My old case arrived ‘home’ at !0:45, Monday, 18 March. It now has to be checked out by Coolermaster technicians, and in time I will get an email telling me that something is being sent back to me.

Due process is probably the worst phrase in the world to somebody like me who doesn’t like to wait. It will have to be

  • taken from the delivery point
  • unpacked
  • identified
  • labelled as to what happens to it next
  • join a queue behind other units
  • checked out
  • the condition noted down
  • the worksheet then passed on to those who make the decisions
  • UPS informed that a package needs to be delivered
  • UPS generate the shipping documents and procure a tracking number
  • an email generated with shipping details is generated and sent to me

This alone could take up the better part of a business week, and then there is the return trip, a ‘slow boat from Chino’ Smile

If I get a case back before April Fool’s Day, I will be surprised. The real annoyance is that the temporary case has space for only one drive of three, and I am starting to miss the data contained on the other two. I have a USB ATAPI bridge that I could use, but I don’t want to do that in case something gets damaged.

Wait #2.

How long will it be before the Windows 8 UI craps out on my PC?

This is a tough one, and I wouldn’t want to put a date to it. From what I see in the forums, it isn’t so much a case of ‘if’ but ‘when’, and my own experience after upgrading from Windows 7 was around two weeks.. .

But the parameters have changed. I now have a clean install on fresh disk space. Also, I have looked at the Windows 8 UI (CTRL + the Start8 button), but have yet to press a tile to see what happens next. The only incursion I have made so far is to call the Charm from the left side and go into Settings to make a change to the Windows 8 lock screen.  

It is my belief that if I leave the UI well alone, nothing bad will happen to it. I really don’t want to set off any process than could cause the UI to spiral out of control as it did before, so I will make a prediction. based on my belief.

‘It will never crap out because I have no intention of using the Windows 8 Modern UI in the foreseeable future’

Disclaimer: As it is impossible at this time to determine that errors in the Windows desktop do not bleed over into the other UI, my prediction may well morph into an outright fairy story. In this way, the ‘wait’ is anything but over..


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