Back in business.. soon

I have received notification today that a new Coolermaster CM690 II case has started the journey to London Ontario, eta being April 2nd ‘by the end of the day’. The new case will have USB 3.0 ports, two of them,  Needless to say, my 880G motherboard knows nothing about USB 3.0. It was ‘on sale’ at a good price, and it was not long before I found out why. A USB 3.0 version was on it’s way. Oh well…

For the duration of my motherboard’s life, I will have to pipe USB 2.0 to the super-fast ports, and I will do it using one of these..


There is another solution, a version of which is marketed by Coolermaster where the USB 3.0 end connects to two back panel USB ports via the water cooling holes on the back of the case.There are enough cables going to the back panel as it is, and I think that the internal connector is much neater.

Can these cables as shown above be bought locally? Ha-ha.. another trick question to which the answer is a resounding NO. TigerDirect don’t have any solution at all, and Canada Computers only have the messy solution, so it back to eBay and buying direct from China again. I am not a huge fan of eBay, but have to admit that it is a useful source for cables and laptop keyboards.

My only gripes with Coolermaster customer service are the slowness when issuing RMA labels and updating the eRMA progress site. Other than that, I have no complaints.

Sending anything heavy via UPS, FedEx or Purolator is always going to be the bottleneck unless one is prepared to pay almost the total value of the item for next day service. While i was in the UPS Store, a guy paid over $68 to ship a large envelope containing just documents. I didn’t even bother to ask how much for a monstrous 26lb box.

Anyway, the Computer Guy of London Ontario (that’s me) is once again a happy boy even though the wait is a good six days longer than nerves will easily take.

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