Windows Blue, what will you do?

How about putting the classic Start menu back in like it used to be? No? Awwww, go on, do it..

How about addressing the ‘Modern UI’ reliability? It would be nice if the tiles always worked and didn’t throw up errors about updating and installing.

How about a bit of text editing in the warning about what Windows 8 Refresh will actually do? Former Windows 7/Vista users are used to the word ‘programs’, not ‘apps’.? Yes, that would be nice too

The truth is that very few people know what it will do. Presently, it is all speculation out in the wild, and of course runours that the end of the ‘desktop’ is nigh and all of the usual garbage are equally wild.

So what will Windows Blue do? It will present itself in much the same way as roll-ups and service packs have in the past, many will download and install it and some will have problems because they downloaded and installed it. Business as usual, eh. 

Some utilities which still appear in old desktop form will no doubt be Metro’ed, and hopefully some of the apps will become more useful for those determined to use them.

The only way any of us will find out for sure is to wait and see what Blue delivers on the day.

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