The difference that a FULL driver makes..

The desktop tower: Windows 8 – not quite fully supported AMD Phenom II X4 running at 3,4ghz 8gb high performance RAM ATI HD4250 video WD 500gb High Performance SATA The Netbook: Windows 7 – fully supported Intel Atom running at 1.6ghz 2gb standard RAM’ Intel GMA 3150 WD 320gb SATA Take a look at this, and then guess which machine produced the screen shot..                       Have I made it too easy? The winner is ……………………. the Netbook, and not because Angry Birds will not run in Windows 8, because it … Continue reading The difference that a FULL driver makes..

Windows 8 – Network hardware compatibility ..

After a week of moving my workspace around, tidying up cable runs, committing an aging Panasonic Fax/Phone machine to the local Goodwill store, I thought it best to try out some of my older network adapters. The two adapters are: An Ultra USB 2.0 Fax Modem A D-Link DWL- G132 USB network adapter I am pleased to be able to confirm that Windows 8 Pro 64-bit recognises and installs the Ultra Fax Modem without any user intervention. It still has to be set up manually for send/receive, auto answer et al. The D-Link DWL G132 was bought in 2006, and … Continue reading Windows 8 – Network hardware compatibility ..

The best mobile PC.. for business.. or anybody

Some interesting results here.. Of course, the one advantage business supplied machines have over the OEM stuff in stores is the slim customized corporate Windows image, rigorously tested over maybe a year before being applied to each machine. Software is restricted to what the company needs such that the employee can complete assigned tasks, all other stuff going to the wall. It is all a far cry from the junk infested, trial ridden OEM images + Recovery + Tools, indifferent OEM support, and a tendency to always shift the blame onto Microsoft. Trials anti-virus solutions and office suites account … Continue reading The best mobile PC.. for business.. or anybody

Did Microsoft miss the point?

I’ve spent a bit of time defending Windows 8 in the forums of late, and as a consequence, I am not getting as many ‘marked as answers’. The other reason is that moderators no longer cruise the forums marking answers just to make it look like the forums are working well. In the early days, there was a lot of this happening, and one had to keep open reply notifications long after the post was marked ‘answered’ because the poster’s problems had most definitely NOT been answered. While ‘stock’ answers are good, they do not always address the complexity of … Continue reading Did Microsoft miss the point?

Return of the official Start button?

They say that the return would not boost PC sales, but while it might not boost sales to Windows 95 levels, it would no doubt make a difference. Presently, a consumer walks into a computer retailer, sees a cellphone which has been clumsily disguised to look kike a laptop or desktop computer, and they are bemused by what they see. The sales assistants are no real help, some suggesting that Windows 8 is another Vista. The end result is that the consumer walks away, having decided to stick with what he/she has already.  To be perfectly honest, if I was … Continue reading Return of the official Start button?

A case update..

It has been a full eleven days since I rebuilt my PC into the new case. So far, it has behaved itself, not a hint of wanting to shut down. It makes life so much easier when your case isn’t working against you. The internal design has changed. There are now rubber ‘grommets’ set into the cable management cut-outs (the red arrows), more important if you have a see through side panel which is NOT standard, but the most important change is the cut-out in the back plate (the yellow arrow) which allow any CPU heat sink and fan assembly … Continue reading A case update..

XP.. Less than a year to go..

If you have an original XP machine, by the time that XP loses support, it will be at least seven years old. The hard drive will be quite small, 40 – 60gb, and the screen will have lost its original brilliance. If you have a version of MS Office which predates Office 2007, it no longer gets any kind of support. There is a large amount of 3rd party software from that era which no longer gets support or development too. Worse still security software which was once supported in XP will have the support pulled fairly quickly. Nobody wants … Continue reading XP.. Less than a year to go..

Windows 8 – Hibernation

Since clean installing Windows 8, my computer has decided that it will not stay in hibernation until called upon to wake up. This is what Event Viewer has to say about it. Information    07/04/2013 04:22:08    Kernel-General    1    None Error    06/04/2013 23:42:17    Kernel-Power    137    None Information    06/04/2013 23:42:12    BROWSER    8033    None The system time has changed to ‎2013‎-‎04‎-‎07T08:22:08.500000000Z from ‎2013‎-‎04‎-‎07T03:42:17.309703500Z. Change Reason: System time synchronized with the hardware clock. I have no idea what is causing this. It has happened since I first clean installed Windows and before anything else was installed. I get the impression that it is a Windows … Continue reading Windows 8 – Hibernation

Build Notes..

While my case was away, I looked for replacements which had an external SATA drive bay incorporated into the top panel. It was this feature which attracted me to the CM6790 II originally. Coolermaster and Thermaltake both produce cases with the facility, but having the external bay is only the first step. BIOS is generally configured these days for AHCI. This facility allows for two functions More efficient reading of the hard drive, a double edged sword for laptop owners as it consumes more power and resources. Hard drive hot plugging.. It is the hard drive hot plugging which we … Continue reading Build Notes..

I got a case..

.. a CM690 II Advanced Evolution. This is a fancy title for what I had before. I was promised the latest version, the USB 3.0 type, but it isn’t one of them. To be honest, I don’t care as long as it doesn’t exhibit the same behaviour as the old one did.. As a result, the adapter cable I ordered from eBay to convert USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 will not be used. That said, it is really good to have a proper case again. I was getting tired of looking at my PC hanging out of a glorified aluminium … Continue reading I got a case..