I got a case..

.. a CM690 II Advanced Evolution. This is a fancy title for what I had before. I was promised the latest version, the USB 3.0 type, but it isn’t one of them. To be honest, I don’t care as long as it doesn’t exhibit the same behaviour as the old one did.. As a result, the adapter cable I ordered from eBay to convert USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 will not be used.

That said, it is really good to have a proper case again. I was getting tired of looking at my PC hanging out of a glorified aluminium food container. The internals once again have the benefit of a proper airflow, and are running 6°C cooler than they have been.

It doesn’t take long to put it all together thanks to the cavernous interior. Even the power button and LED headers are easy to fit. The drives fit across the case, so there is no problem of the back end of the drives getting in the way of their own SATA cables.

It has been twenty four days since I disassembled my PC and sent the old case in.  I watched the tracking info as it dawdled across Detroit Michigan and Hodgkins Illinois, finally making it to Chino. The new one headed out of Los Angeles straight to Windsor Ontario (whoops, no customs clearance) and had to be sent back to Hodgkins Illinois, then Maumee Ohio, then Detroit, then Windsor again. Had it not been for the humorous antics by UPS as they tried so hard to ensure that the package took at least five days to get anywhere, I would have pulled all of my hair out.

I now have a new word for when things go wrong.. HODGKINS !!

Tonight, I have been moving and deleting a mass of files in order to get everything onto just two hard drives. While the case was away, I connected one of the data drives to my portable ATAPI bridge device and almost burnt out the circuit board. While it seems to be OK, I don’t trust it anymore. At some point in the future, I will probably get a 500gb drive to replace it, but for now, everything fits and no partition is more than half full.

All is well with the world again..

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