XP.. Less than a year to go..

If you have an original XP machine, by the time that XP loses support, it will be at least seven years old. The hard drive will be quite small, 40 – 60gb, and the screen will have lost its original brilliance.

If you have a version of MS Office which predates Office 2007, it no longer gets any kind of support. There is a large amount of 3rd party software from that era which no longer gets support or development too.

Worse still security software which was once supported in XP will have the support pulled fairly quickly. Nobody wants to put time and effort into supporting a dinosaur, especially if there is no money involved. It really is time to let it go.

Presently, Windows 7 can still be found on new machines, albeit the business end of OEM ranges, is and will be well supported for a while yet, and generally works every bit as well as XP ever did.

Windows 8 makes for a good desktop machine if you add a 3rd party Start menu. It will also get some development over the next two years, and support for a good while longer. Use of a 3rd party Start menu assumes that you do not like the ‘tiles’.

A general software upgrade is inevitable, but you must have known that it was coming. Nothing lasts forever. The same applies to peripherals like printers and scanners. Simple printers may still work, but don’t hold your breath with early scanners and multi-function devices.





The wireless adapter may not be capable of any security beyond WEP, and if you bought a printer or scanner at around the same time, the printer will be using more ink than it should, and your scanner will be low resolution and slow compared to today’s stuff.

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