A case update..

It has been a full eleven days since I rebuilt my PC into the new case. So far, it has behaved itself, not a hint of wanting to shut down. It makes life so much easier when your case isn’t working against you.

The internal design has changed. There are now rubber ‘grommets’ set into the cable management cut-outs (the red arrows), more important if you have a see through side panel which is NOT standard, but the most important change is the cut-out in the back plate (the yellow arrow) which allow any CPU heat sink and fan assembly without the need to remove the motherboard. 

CM690 new

The drive caddies have metal pins set in rubber grommets which are grooved to keep them in place, and these would be good if the pins easily fitted into the drive screw fixing holes. They don’t, and it is possible to break the rubber grommets while fitting them back onto the pins..

Caddy and pins

These are the small white round bits.You place the drive on one set of pins and then flex the caddy to get the other pins in. The problem is that the pins are too long and the entry angle of the pins forces the pin out through the back of the grommet. Unless these pins and grommets are perfectly seated, the caddies will not fit back into the case.

I have ordered a new set and will work on getting them machined such that they fit better, and then offer them as a suggestion to Coolermaster. Response by the company to requests to change the pins is not particularly good. It’s as if they don’t fully grasp the problem.

So, there you have it. I would give the case an almost perfect score were it not for the pins.

It gets a 98%.. Smile

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