Return of the official Start button?

They say that the return would not boost PC sales, but while it might not boost sales to Windows 95 levels, it would no doubt make a difference.

Presently, a consumer walks into a computer retailer, sees a cellphone which has been clumsily disguised to look kike a laptop or desktop computer, and they are bemused by what they see. The sales assistants are no real help, some suggesting that Windows 8 is another Vista. The end result is that the consumer walks away, having decided to stick with what he/she has already. 

To be perfectly honest, if I was in the market for a new PC and the only operating system on any of them worked like a smartphone, I would walk away too.

The quality of apps is not too bad as long as you only want info piped to you. BUT..

  • How long does anybody spend looking at the weather, especially when the person is out in it already.
  • Apps have no obvious means for being shut down after use. On a smartphone, the user presses the ‘Back’ button. There is no general ‘back’ button on a PC.
  • What is the use of a mail app which can’t handle the most widely used POP mail protocol and as such, the user can’t even check mail, let alone respond to it.

Even if every program was converted to touch, how many of them would be better for it? Virtually none as I see it. Fingers are ok for sliding from one screen to another and pressing large buttons. Beyond that, touch is of limited value. The constraints for operating a pocketable phone are very different to those imposed sitting in front of a general use laptop or desktop PC. Imposing 4” screen ergonomics onto somebody using a 17” to 24” screen is not and never will be sense.

The complaints that users (and potential users) have voiced about Windows 8 have not gone unnoticed. The question is whether Microsoft would do something about the issues or stick to the original plan.

Rumours concerning the up-coming Windows Blue were rife, with some predicting that Blue would scrub out the desktop completely. For those prophets of doom, I offer this rumour.

“As of October 13, 2013, gas pumps will be globally disabled such that vehicle users will be forced to buy and use all electric vehicles for which there is no global infrastructure. Apologies for any inconvenience that this change may cause.”

OK, back to plausible rumours. This one concerns talk of Microsoft re-instating the Start button, as in an all original bone-fide Microsoft Start button which boots directly to an all original Microsoft desktop.

I hope that Microsoft does bring it back, if only to silence the trolls and MS haters in the Windows 8 forums. I have a feeling that some of the trolls are actually using the 3rd party solutions, but still carrying on in the forums as if Microsoft really had scrubbed the entire desktop from Windows 8. The return of the Microsoft Start Menu would stop them in their tracks.

It would also be more encouraging for consumers looking to replace aging XP, Vista and Windows 7 customers.After so many years of a Start button, it is reassuring to know that the new computer will be a friendly face.

Cross your fingers, people.. Smile

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