The difference that a FULL driver makes..

The desktop tower: Windows 8 – not quite fully supported

  • AMD Phenom II X4 running at 3,4ghz
  • 8gb high performance RAM
  • ATI HD4250 video
  • WD 500gb High Performance SATA

The Netbook: Windows 7 – fully supported

  • Intel Atom running at 1.6ghz
  • 2gb standard RAM’
  • Intel GMA 3150
  • WD 320gb SATA

Take a look at this, and then guess which machine produced the screen shot..













Have I made it too easy? The winner is ……………………. the Netbook, and not because Angry Birds will not run in Windows 8, because it will..


It doesn’t matter how fancy the processor, how much RAM, how fancy the video card, or how fast the hard drive is, hardware drivers are ultimately what make or break performance.

My desktop tower is really good, BUT it has essentially only basic video support for Windows 8, and to get it to play Angry Birds, I would have to invest at least $80 in a decent supported video card.

When I tell somebody in the MS Community Windows 8 forum (or Windows 7) that their computer will NOT perform as well with Windows 7 or 8 as it has been with XP or Vista, I am not just being mean as some like to believe. I always check out driver availability, and if there isn’t a full set Windows 7 or 8 drivers, it is GAME OVER.

If I install the latest legacy driver for the ATI CCC + 4200 series driver, Angry Birds still will not run, and neither will the machine go into sleep mode, hibernation or SHUT DOWN. Who’s an angry bird now?

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