On the case..

The new Coolermaster CM690 II Advanced case has now been in service for thirty five days. In that time, it has not displayed any of the annoying characteristics of it’s predecessor.

Windows has not shutdown once and everything is working. I still dare not set up any Windows 8 apps because I have no desire to tempt providence.

Start8 is keeping the unstable bits at bay, and Windows Defender is quietly keeping the junk out.

From my perspective, Windows 8 desktop does a good job, and I do not feel that I am selling out by staying with the desktop. Windows 8 is a dual OS, and as far as I am concerned, however I want to use is is ok.

I am interested to see how Windows Blue shapes up, and if it is all about the Modern UI, that is ok too. Presently, I have everything I need other than an HP 57 colour cartridge and a decent graphics card. Both can wait..


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