Rumours or Real?

Windows Blue.. The story so far…

PC sales.. No, it is not the fault of Windows 8. It is because there is a shift to tablet forms which would explain why Microsoft Surface and Surface RTs are not doing so well either. Let’s make a deal.

‘High price + confusing interface = poor sales’

Linux . I can’t find anything to substantiate rumours than Linux will take over from where Windows 8 failed. Linux had its chance in 2007. Five years later, we are still using Windows, even Windows 8..

The Cloud.. There is still persistence in the rumour that the Cloud will take over. Well, it might as long as all users get way more and faster ‘up and down’ bandwidth than they get now.

I have a 25gb Skydrive and decided one day to copy some useful files to it. Apart from the fact that it took a while to get them there, it also used up a not inconsiderable part of my total bandwidth for the month. I have since had to negotiate with my ISP for more. It cost me $10 + tax for more but not faster.

Faster up and down would have cost an extra $25 – 35 + tax. So I load up files before I go out. It costs me nothing extra to do that.

It’s ok for business. They can pay more and recoup it back in sales. Cloud expenses are a one way street for home users, all that way >>>>>>.

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