Windows Blue.. more FUD?

Windows Blue, leaked version build 9364, still has no proper desktop start menu, but other features have appeared. There is more in the Control Panel app which is bringing claims of ‘the end of the desktop for sure’ forward again

If these ‘leaks’ are official, Microsoft may be testing the water to see how far they have to go to appease the desktop users and public in general. I have no doubt that it would be better for Microsoft if they didn’t have to go ‘all of the way’ even though they should just bite the bullet.

Ed Bott says that the Windows 8 Modern UI has the mechanisms to make the desktop available to desktop users, and explains to some degree how it can be set up. I have no problem with what he says because there is truth in what he says.

However, unless one is au fait with a Windows 8 phone or tablet, users are left completely in the dark as to how to operate the new UI. The biggest problem is that the Start button wasn’t available as a failsafe either. Clicking on the desktop tile takes the user to what looks like familiar territory but omits the main signpost.

So, towards the end of June, we will get an official leak in the form of a ‘preview’ which, we are told, may or may not contain all of the features of the finished version.

Microsoft should know better than anyone that bad news travels fast, and the bad news is that Microsoft appears to still only want to half listen, and that they value the opinion of a kid who tells them that Windows 8 is FUN to use over the opinions of the people who create and support the world on top of which Windows 8 runs.

This is what irks me most.

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