How to forward mail (or do anything) in

The Hotmail interface has changed, and this is what you see when you first open it. Yes, it has the new Windows 8 look, but all of the tools are still there.

Outlook 0

Note the almost complete lack of tools across the top. Oh my, how could Microsoft do this to us. There are no tools and I can’t reply or forward or delete or do anything. What were they thinking about?

Whoa up and quit with getting overwrought. Try clicking on the email to which you want to reply, forward, delete etc..













Well well. Look at the toolbar now. See the ‘Reply’ button with the south facing arrow? Just like all other programs and applications for years now, it points to other available options, in this case,  to ‘Reply’ options, and a quick click reveals ‘Forward’.

How difficult was that?

Context sensitive menus have been around for at least 15 years. If a function appeared in bold, you could use it. Any functions which had a faded appearance couldn’t be used because you had yet to select anything to which the function pertained.

Yes, that was/is ‘context sensitive’.

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