Windows 8.1..

I am sitting outside on my balcony in the South West Ontario sun, shaded by a large sun shade over a smoked glass table, my machine is a three year old Toshiba Netbook running Windows 7 Home Premium in 2gb of RAM.

It doesn’t have the rather annoying multi-lingual keyboard that comes as standard. I swapped it out for a US only keyboard when I first got it, and it also has a larger hard drive than standard hard drive because it is part of the backup system I use.

The mouse is a two year old Microsoft Mobile 3500, set to disable the touchpad when connected, and its sits on an IBM Wimbledon mouse pad which must be twelve years old.

This Netbook will never run Windows 8.1. The screen is below the standard required for Windows 8, and there are only Windows 7 32-bit drivers for it anyway.

BUT I DON’T CARE..It does the job nicely for what I want out of a mobile device, and I even manage my website from it. I start to care when working on a mid tower system inside , my production machine from which I do ALL support for my local network and local clients.

To date, I have been running Windows 8 in desktop mode courtesy of Stardock’s brilliantly simple Start8 menu, most profuse thanks to Stardock, and it has worked well for me. I have a pre-written post in OneNote with links to the best of the alternative start menus, and it is probably the most used post I have ever repeatedly made.

In the next few months, that will change because Microsoft has listened to criticism and is about to turn Windows 8 into what it should have been from the very start. The update will transform Windows 8 in the same way as the SP2 update did for XP, turning an essentially good base OS into a mega-OS.

It will not improve the scene overnight. Much has to be done to get it out and working, but the fact that it is being done has thoroughly made my day. There is nothing so bad as having to support a train wreck of an OS, especially with the knowledge that its base is good.

Finally, ALL Windows users will get what they want and need.

Congratulations to Microsoft too for finally listening to the right people..

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