Don’t throw out your Windows 7 disk just yet..

Re the upcoming Windows 8 Start button..

“The experience doesn’t replicate the Windows 7 Start button and menu, but it’s an improvement over Windows 8, Silver said.”

Any improvement is welcome………….  I think..

"The Start button will not bring you a vertical list of applications and commands" like the one in Windows 7, he said. "But if you’re on the desktop, it won’t bounce you out of that environment. It will bring the Start screen on top of the desktop. It’s really kind of nuanced. All the elements of Start won’t be back, but it won’t feel as jarring."

Why won’t it bring back the neat vertical list?

Grafting the Windows 7 Start button and menu onto Windows 8.1 wouldn’t have been a good option, he said.

It was the option that desktop users wanted. Stard8 and Classic Shell did ok so why not Microsoft?

"Microsoft needs to get people used to the new interface. They tried forcing it on people and that didn’t work. To bring back the old experience would probably have left the new UX [user experience] and apps too hidden," Silver said.

Mr Silver, you will have to excuse us wanting to dump useless full screen apps, but only tablet users appreciate them. If you look back at the history of Windows operating systems, you will see that they all made good use of ever increasing monitor sizes. Why did you or any of your colleagues ever believe that Windows users would be happy using apps/programs that for the most part only impart information and take up an entire 24” screen in the process? Us oldies may not have 20-20 vision but come on.. it isn’t that bad.. 


This is the interface that I don’t use. Note that all of the USELESS full screen apps are HIDDEN out of sight.

Before I lay into the new 8.1, I guess that I should wait until I have got it installed. What irks me is that, as with all Windows service packs, it will have to be installed like it or not, or no more Windows updates.

Work may not be entirely over for Start8 or Classic Shell or Windows 7 installation disks.

From what I have seen and read in the last two days, the maxim ‘Be careful what you wish for’ is as relevant as ever it was..

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