Getting tired of monetization..

The last Java update I ran, it wanted to install McAfee scanner onto my system. I need McAfee on my computer like my Jeep needs four flat tires. but at least Oracle had the decency to make it obvious. In many instances, it is not so obvious. Aways back, Yahoo made you aware that it would install a couple of items, but kept two hidden from view behind the ‘custom’ install button. Yahoo, this is why I no longer install anything Yahoo on my computer. It will be years before I trust you again. Unfortunately, I still have some dealings … Continue reading Getting tired of monetization..

Microsoft, it is not funny anymore..

Reviews of the 8.1 preview are still showing no proper Start menu. Why is this? Somebody said that you wouldn’t bring it back because too many would switch to it and forget about Windows 8 apps. Isn’t that telling you something? Apple are not putting touch screens on their desktops and laptops because it makes absolutely no sense. It makes no sense to try to get a touch OS to work like a traditional desktop OS as you have already discovered. Desktop and laptop users want the Start menu which has worked so well for so long, and there are … Continue reading Microsoft, it is not funny anymore..

Keep it safe..

How do you buy your software? Do you still prefer disks as in DVDs? I like DVDs, well actually just two DVDs. They are both DVD-RW and they are both BLANK. I also have a 4gb flash drive set up to auto boot which also contains nothing other than the boot info. The last time that I bought an operating system in a box was January 2007. It was Vista Ultimate in one of the strange shaped boxes which didn’t open the way that you thought they should. Since then, all of my software has been downloaded from the Internet. … Continue reading Keep it safe..

My homepage..

.. has been METROED.. This is my news page.. No, it wasn’t me. Protopage have updated to flat, dull colours and two dimensional buttons. How nice, As usual, nobody asked what I thought before the change was made, so I will let it be known now. I actually like the new Windows 8 flat look. Tabs and tab text are clearer than before and the whole page looks quite smart, and it fits nicely with the flat look and sharp edges of the Windows 8 desktop. There was a time when I liked the look of stuff like Lotus Organiser, … Continue reading My homepage..

The Lenovo G780 gets help..

It needed it too. Supplied originally with a 4gb RAM chip, it was struggling. I looked at all of the stuff at Start up and that ran in the background. Yep, I could have closed much of it down, but I am not a believer in doing that, and there were one or two utilities which were performing important tasks. CTRL + SHIFT + ESC showed that the loading on RAM was running at 73%. That’s a lot, and Windows hates to be caged in resources which are not large enough, so I ordered a Crucial 4gb 12800 CL11 SO-DIMM … Continue reading The Lenovo G780 gets help..

A keyboard for 10-10 vision or kids..

Enter the Klear Keys XL.. It is a full 104 key, high visibility keyboard, black letters on a green background. The green colour is easier on the eyes than similar keyboards fitted with yellow keys. There is no wrist rest, and the edge around the keys is at a minimum. When used with a small ‘mobile’ mouse, the combo should fit on small keyboard trays. The characters are substantially larger than regular keyboards, and there is a claim to being spill-proof. I have not checked out this feature, but there are drain holes present. It is also claimed that the … Continue reading A keyboard for 10-10 vision or kids..

Watch Out..

There’s a data miner about.. Where are they mining? Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple, PalTalk, the video chat room community . Dropbox maybe.. was slated to be the next one added to the list. That list covers most exits, wouldn’t you say. So where are these miners? China? North Korea Cuba? Russia? USA? No doubt that 1 through 4 have tried and would love to get hold of so much stuff. Number 5 is the origin of the miners. Why is the USA mining at such a level? Well, the NSA and FBI are not doing you … Continue reading Watch Out..

Windows 8.1 – installing the preview and RTM

Sourced from here.. If you apply the preview to an existing Windows 8 installation, when it comes time to apply the RTM, assuming that you still want 8.1, you will have to re-install all apps and desktop programs after the RTM is applied.. .. EVEN IF you roll back to Windows 8 before applying it.. If you wait for the 8.1 RTM, as I am going to do, you can install it without having to re-install all of your other stuff again. As eager as I am to see it running, I don’t feel the need to have to … Continue reading Windows 8.1 – installing the preview and RTM

Tiled Windows?

In response to criticism of full screen apps and the difficulties of multi-tasking between screens, Microsoft is going to introduce the facility to tile Windows. Let’s see what tiled Windows look like.. Could I multi-task between these Windows?. Word would only show the first few words in maybe the first five lines. Not good. My blog is useless, but I could scroll some content into view. MS Answers would be just as ‘hidden’. OneNote 2010 only shows three top tabs out of the ten which exist, and a fraction of the side tabs.. Outlook’s usefulness would be curtailed because I … Continue reading Tiled Windows?

Touch devices – the hidden costs..

Except for the U-Scan store checkouts, the vitamin information panel at a local pharmacy and ATMs, I generally don’t like touch devices. It is difficult to get into a mess with the three types mentioned, although some still manage it  These devices work well, having appropriately sized screens, large buttons, and reasonably clear labelling.. I have no problem using them and will always use U-Scan in stores.There are no complex procedures, and do not require the user to have fingers like tooth-picks. One has to remember too that they are set up for one task only. Touch screens start to … Continue reading Touch devices – the hidden costs..