The Office 2010 SP2 update.

I didn’t have an issue before installing the SP2 update, I didn’t have an issue installing the SP2 update, I didn’t have an issue rebooting after having installed the SP2 update, and I didn’t have an issue starting any of the Office 2010 applications. Windows 8, however, had a major problem. Every now and again, it would decide to close down. This behaviour started after the installation of the Office 2010 SP2update , and ended after I uninstalled Office 2010 SP2 update. Error info.. Error ID 27 .. Calendar Folder property is missing or empty There were 21 errors for … Continue reading The Office 2010 SP2 update.

Surface RT..

I’ll start off by saying that the number of apps available for Windows 8 in general does NOT reflect usefulness any more than applications for Linux distros does. There is a huge amount of junk in the lists, much of it accessible via a browser which is just ONE app. RT has an issue all of its own. It can’t run anything written/ported for x86/x64. So, if you are one of the BYOD people, would you pay out for a machine which has little support other than what Microsoft provides? And an extra $100 for the keyboard? RT pricing has … Continue reading Surface RT..

It tells time.. in 2D..

This is a Casio W96H.. I have the silver one so that I can tell where the watch starts and the strap ends. See how easy it is to see the time AND the day? It is the first watch ever that showed the day in a size that I could easily read. It has a light function and can be easily switched between 12 and 24 hour operation. ALL other functions of this watch are as fiddly as all hell to use, and what is the point. A watch tells you the time and day in 2D. If you … Continue reading It tells time.. in 2D..

The iPad did it?

( ) I know of a few people who only own a computer because they need to have access to email. This is especially true of older people whose family may have spread far enough away from the family home that email is the best way to keep in contact. If not email, video via a messenger service is good for keeping in contact. Many will have learned how to play Windows Solitaire too, but what a waste of a full featured PC. The truth is that millions of people didn’t really need a computer at all, certainly not … Continue reading The iPad did it?

I find this quite funny..

Android, apart from its other achievements, has done what consumer Linux distros couldn’t. It has attracted malware, which means that it is popular and hackers can see that. Ubuntu users must be gutted. The claim was always that Linux is hacker proof, but the truth is that hackers didn’t care, not enough targets or capacity for disruption. Read more on Android malware and why it is so popular.. . Looking on the positive side, it will take the heat of Windows users finally..

What a useful website..

This is it. Google maps presents.. “Road construction in London Ontario”.. Now this is the kind of info useful on a smartphone, and so set about getting it there. I sent the link by email, opened it and saved it as a favourite. All went well. Was it useful? Well, it could have been but for the tiny screen. The panel on the left showed maybe half of the entries, and was pretty much unable to do anything else. It isn’t the fault of the website. It’s just too much to expect from a smartphone. Would it have been … Continue reading What a useful website..

Patch Tuesday – July 2013..

Four systems updated, one Windows 8  Pro, the other three being Windows 7 home Premium. Absolutely no issues to report, not even with IE10. I have no idea why so many have problems with it. I can hear people saying that it’s ok for me because I know what I am doing, but the truth is that it is what I DON’T do. I don’t.. make any changes hardly to Windows default settings tweak anything to make it run better ever run registry cleaners install programs that are quite obviously going to be incompatible run anything in compatibility mode, not … Continue reading Patch Tuesday – July 2013..

Some North East West South..

(You surely must have known the origins of the word) MSN TV is being pulled come September 30. Users of the service have been notified. It marks the end of being able to sit on your couch and get  news and email on your 54” TV. To make the loss easier to bear, Microsoft make some very nice teeny tablets running  Windows 8, jewellers eyeglass not included. On the Windows 8.1 front, not much has happened since the release apart from the demise of Windows 8 installations to which it was applied. I feel sure that some Windows 8 machines … Continue reading Some North East West South..

A new cable modem/router..

Yesterday, I picked up Rogers latest cable modem. It is a Hitron CGN2-ROG which basically means that Rogers have messed with it, not included the full instructions for the unit such that you do not know what you are missing. Clues to the Rogers customisation: The Rogers Logo Rogers Corporate colours showing through It can sit flat as in the photo, be fixed to a vertical surfaces (screws NOT supplied) or stood up on its side, Flat is better unless you have a particularly flexible co-axial cable screwed in and no RJ-45 connections. Mine isn’t and has three, so flat … Continue reading A new cable modem/router..