A new cable modem/router..

Yesterday, I picked up Rogers latest cable modem. It is a Hitron CGN2-ROG which basically means that Rogers have messed with it, not included the full instructions for the unit such that you do not know what you are missing.

Hitron jpeg

Clues to the Rogers customisation:

  1. The Rogers Logo
  2. Rogers Corporate colours showing through

It can sit flat as in the photo, be fixed to a vertical surfaces (screws NOT supplied) or stood up on its side, Flat is better unless you have a particularly flexible co-axial cable screwed in and no RJ-45 connections. Mine isn’t and has three, so flat it is.

The status LEDs can be seen from a long way off and all but three are obvious. There is a good manual here..


The manual includes instruction on how to set up multiple SSIDs, but Rogers got there first and nobbled it. I have set my own which demotes Rogers preferred SSID to a guest account.

The power adapter is the type that plugs straight in and is quite large. It is the same width as a standard plug, but extends out quite a way.. The pin configuration is great for the inline surge protectors, but guess what? I don’t have one of them. Mine is a two row affair which worked well at around the time that Noah was putting the roof on his boat.

Setup is easy, and the tabs are clearly marked. As always, it is best set up on a hard wire connection, but wireless is enabled by default, so could be done on an open connection. I prefer to set up on a hard wire.

Wireless performance in my apartment is really good, and the apartment block which stands 500 yards away can also pick it up.

Reviews in the Rogers forums are mixed. Some say that the older Cisco DPC3825 is better, but they weren’t saying that before the arrival of the CGN2. I have a local client who has a CGN2, and wireless performance is ok, but the router is in the wrong place for reception around the house, and the occupants seem unwilling to move it around. I can only suggest these things.

So far, I have not had a problem, and neither have any of the others on my home network, and as long as they are happy, they allow me to be happy..

What I like most:

  1. It’s free
  2. It is easy to see what it is doing
  3. It has an on/off switch which saves having to pull the power cable out and wait 30 seconds, go searching under the desk for the power cable, try to feed it back up onto the top of the desk such that it is still there when one surfaces ……
  4. It isn’t a Cisco DPC3825

What I like least:

  1. Rogers always has to nobble features
  2. To be sited on its end, it should really be fixed to a vertical surface.

2 thoughts on “A new cable modem/router..

  1. Thanks for your comments and review of the new Rogers modem.

    We recently acquired one ourselves and generally I am satisfied with it except for one issue in getting it to work with Networx (your favourite network monitor).

    We have a home network of 3 wired computers and several wireless laptops and devices. Rather than installing Networx on all units, I simply want to track all flow through the CGN2, which Networx has a setting for.

    However, when I set for “monitoring the router instead of this computer”, I get an empty WAN interface box and the error message “Router interface cannot be empty. Probably your router does not support SNMP required for this feature”

    The IP address for the modem/router is coreect ( I have SNMP installed, enabled and running on my computer, but Networx still does not seem to see or be able to read the CGN2.

    Have you used Networx in this setting with any success, and do you have any suggestions as to what else I might try.

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