Some North East West South..

(You surely must have known the origins of the word)

MSN TV is being pulled come September 30. Users of the service have been notified. It marks the end of being able to sit on your couch and get  news and email on your 54” TV. To make the loss easier to bear, Microsoft make some very nice teeny tablets running  Windows 8, jewellers eyeglass not included.

On the Windows 8.1 front, not much has happened since the release apart from the demise of Windows 8 installations to which it was applied. I feel sure that some Windows 8 machines continued to work as before but, judging by the posts in the Microsoft Community, it was a definite minority.

Steve Sinofsky, the ex Microsoft man behind the lack of a usable Windows 8 desktop Start menu has been paid $14m. If any other Microsoft employees think that they might get a big payout for crippling Photo Viewer or any other Microsoft Windows element, don’t go there. I have removed Mr. Sinofsky from my ‘virtual’ Christmas card list, and a similar fate awaits anybody else who pulls a stunt like he did.

On the home front, the new router has brought no complaints from the cheap seats and is performing way better than non-sponsored reviews would have suggested.

Printer tip #1.. Always set the default print quality to Fast Draft or Economical, whatever sets the least amount of ink to be sprayed onto the paper. Quality is more than good enough for resumes et al, and is the only way to ever get close to the ‘pages per cartridge’ numbers claimed by the manufacturer.

Printer tip #2.. If your computer seems to have lost contact with the printer, desist from sending large documents when trying to rectify the problem. They take forever to cancel. Instead, look for simple remedies like powering up the printer, checking that the wireless printer is privy to the same router password as the computer. And when sending a test page, send a blank via WordPad. It saves wasting a sheet of paper..

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