Patch Tuesday – July 2013..

Four systems updated, one Windows 8  Pro, the other three being Windows 7 home Premium.

Absolutely no issues to report, not even with IE10. I have no idea why so many have problems with it.

I can hear people saying that it’s ok for me because I know what I am doing, but the truth is that it is what I DON’T do.

I don’t..

  1. make any changes hardly to Windows default settings
  2. tweak anything to make it run better
  3. ever run registry cleaners
  4. install programs that are quite obviously going to be incompatible
  5. run anything in compatibility mode, not programs and especially not hardware drivers
  6. add junk like themes, mouse pointers etc

These are the secrets of success, and have brought me through many a Patch Tuesday unscathed..

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