What a useful website..

This is it. Google maps presents.. “Road construction in London Ontario”..


Now this is the kind of info useful on a smartphone, and so set about getting it there. I sent the link by email, opened it and saved it as a favourite. All went well.

Was it useful? Well, it could have been but for the tiny screen. The panel on the left showed maybe half of the entries, and was pretty much unable to do anything else. It isn’t the fault of the website. It’s just too much to expect from a smartphone.

Would it have been much better on a tablet? Well, it displays way better on my 10.1” netbook, so yes, on a 10.1” tablet would do just fine. I wouldn’t entertain it on anything smaller.

Hang about.. isn’t all of this kind of stuff shareable between devices? People are being sold on smartphones becoming the new PC, but as long as they have small screens, please explain how this can or will ever be. We are being sold a lot of lies if you ask me, conned into changing up to hardware which can’t cope now and will cope less well as the pressure builds..

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