It tells time.. in 2D..

This is a Casio W96H.. I have the silver one so that I can tell where the watch starts and the strap ends.


See how easy it is to see the time AND the day? It is the first watch ever that showed the day in a size that I could easily read. It has a light function and can be easily switched between 12 and 24 hour operation. ALL other functions of this watch are as fiddly as all hell to use, and what is the point. A watch tells you the time and day in 2D. If you want to know anything else, ask a policeman.

Apparently, my Casio W96H is not enough. I am being asked to think about a smartwatch, so I will now tell you what I think.


Was that loud enough? Is it not bad enough that kids and adults strain their eyes and nerves daily trying to get sense out of a smartphone which has has five times as much again the surface area of a wristwatch?

I am not alone. See here..

A quote: “Surveys show that people check their smartphones over 20 times an hour,” she said. “People are constantly looking to see updates, so it would be easier to check their watch. There is user interest in smartwatches, which are light in weight.”

This has to have been written by somebody in marketing, because only people in marketing put products ahead of usefulness, and then go on to kid you that it is a good idea. There is a suggestion in the article that you can surreptitiously check your email while in company. They have got to be kidding. It is hard enough to see how much longer the boring meeting is going to continue, let alone check mail.

Talking technology..

It was supposed to make life easier. Yeah right, tell that to the owner of a brand new Renault 25. The voice may have had a sexy French accent, but beyond that, there was a strong desire to tell it to SHUT UP. Had it commented on how nice you looked, it might not have been so bad, but it was just a constant stream of mistakes you were making, and that your rear license plate was dirty.

GPS took a turn for the worst (no pun intended) when talking units appeared for use in vehicles. So you program the journey into it, but heaven help you if you change your mind when on the programmed path. GPS also makes mistakes… See here..(take the space out after the ‘p’)

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Technology should be simple enough that it is easy to use, be customizable such that it does what each individual wants of it, but it should not be irritating. Far too often these days, it is outright irritating, either to see, hear or manipulate and the purveyors of new technology don’t care. All they want is new, relatively untapped cash streams, and they will tell you anything to get you to pay.

Remember too that gimmicks only have to be bought ONCE by all of us in order to fill the expectations of the technology purveyor. The marketing departments factor this in to the costs, and if we are dumb enough to subscribe yearly thereafter, you will never hear complaints from them.

There is an old saying.. “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is”. Note the word ‘old’. This is the new version..

“If it seems too good to be true, it definitely is”


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