Surface RT..

I’ll start off by saying that the number of apps available for Windows 8 in general does NOT reflect usefulness any more than applications for Linux distros does. There is a huge amount of junk in the lists, much of it accessible via a browser which is just ONE app.

RT has an issue all of its own. It can’t run anything written/ported for x86/x64.

So, if you are one of the BYOD people, would you pay out for a machine which has little support other than what Microsoft provides? And an extra $100 for the keyboard? RT pricing has been reduced to $350. Is that a good reason to buy a machine almost totally locked to Office and not much else? Who in their right mind would buy one?

It would be different if your employer was providing it. Companies were into setting up their own computers with an image containing software that was specific to the tasks that employees were given, Can you see your company trading in all of its decent desktops for Surface RT’s? Why would they want to do that?

There is a Surface RT alternative, the Surface Pro, but it costs $900 and that doesn’t include the keyboard. You can buy a Toshiba Portege R930 for $750 and that includes keyboard, mini DVD drive and all the ports you will ever need.

I accept that Microsoft are probably tired of playing catch up, and wanted to produce something before anybody else, but is Surface and Windows 8 (in any guise) the right way to go? It fits nicely into where Microsoft feels that it should be going, but few are willing to follow.

One size fits all is a cheap store concept, Microsoft products are not particularly cheap and operating systems do not lend themselves to the concept as has been clearly demonstrated by Windows 8.

One thing I do know.. The Apple store in my city is doing a lot more business than it used to do, and customers are not just walking out with iPhones and iPads. Macbooks are being purchased too..

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