The Office 2010 SP2 update.

I didn’t have an issue before installing the SP2 update, I didn’t have an issue installing the SP2 update, I didn’t have an issue rebooting after having installed the SP2 update, and I didn’t have an issue starting any of the Office 2010 applications.

Windows 8, however, had a major problem. Every now and again, it would decide to close down. This behaviour started after the installation of the Office 2010 SP2update , and ended after I uninstalled Office 2010 SP2 update.

Error info.. Error ID 27 .. Calendar Folder property is missing or empty

There were 21 errors for each day that the Office update was installed

I did try running an Office repair install, but that had no effect.. Until such time as I get an indication that Office 2010 SP2 update has been fixed, it will NOT be installed on my computer.

After the shutdown problems of last year caused by case, I have no intention of going there again.

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