What Windows 8 tablets need..

is a killer app to end all killer apps. What it doesn’t need is a bunch more of the atrocities called apps that exist now.

The new ‘app’ should span at least six entire screens, two layers of three windows.. An example

  1. A browser
  2. A mail client
  3. A Calendar/Notes
  4. A Contacts list
  5. A decent Map system
  6. A photo gallery/editor

There is nothing in the list that doesn’t already exist, but this new app isn’t an app really.. Its a SHELL that has tabs at each side where the user can select the mix of apps to use and have each app on a tab, be able to change the mix at will.

Tabs are the way to go because swiping across some apps brings results that are not always welcome. The apps in the list above should be made to integrate really well.

When the tablet starts, you get the option to create a mix, add to the existing mix or keep the existing mix. Oh, and there should be at least two user accounts, one for grown ups and one for the kids.. .

Windows 8 as it is should get a full Start menu back and keep its present name. This will do for desktop, laptop and power users who like the traditional way.

Surface, OEM tablets and phones should get the new tab based OS and it should be given a new name, maybe ‘Tabs’.Keep it simple and snappy.

Question? Who is going to be first to do this? Microsoft should be first. With all of the resources, Microsoft should be able to do anything but the Vision Master is long gone, and his successors have the vision of a Hedgehog in thick fog.

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