System Restore revisited..

After the trauma of Office 2010 SP2 from which I recovered fairly well, I was re-introduced to the BSOD after the re-installation and subsequent un-installation of FrontPage 2003.

After messing with Windbg and DMP files, I decided that the best course of action was to do a System Restore, NOT a refresh (not going there again). After the restore, I put the computer into hibernation and it didn’t crash. A step forwards finally.

Next, I installed the latest round of updates, and everything is still ok. I have also stopped automatic updates as my faith has been shaken somewhat.


Updates are ok as long as they are not related to drivers or Microsoft Office 2010, the most unstable version of Office that I have ever run.Trouble is that I am joined at the hip with Outlook and OneNote.

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