It was just talk at first..

As it became ever more apparent that Microsoft were removing any vestige of the classic start menu in Windows 8, there was talk about the OEMs including 3rd party start menus in the setup.

It looked like it was all talk and no walk as machines were released with no 3rd party start menus. Then came Microsoft’s step back and talk of a Start BUTTON in Windows 8.1. Nice try at getting out of admitting a mistake, Microsoft, but too little too late.

There are people buying laptops and desktops but they want Windows 7 and will do anything to get it, even foregoing full driver support. I have set up five new laptops/desktops in the last couple of weeks and all new owners wanted a way around the tiles.

Finally, one of the OEMs is finally including a 3rd party start menu.. see here..

Maybe more OEMs will follow, but this may also be too little too late. I talk to a lot of people while I am out and about. Many are too scared to go near Windows 8, have heard too many horror stories about it. Some who could more afford it have bought Macs in order to avoid Windows 8.

They all hope that Windows 9 will put everything right. I hoping for that too.

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