Fix one problem, create another..

The last round of general updates didn’t affect my computer, but MS Office SP2 did. How do I know that it was the MS Office update which caused grief? I didn’t install it at the same time as the general updates. I always manually install service packs.

So, apart from the Outlook Calendar error, I was also left with a ‘tcpip.sys’ error too. Common wisdom online suggests that a NIC driver update should be the cure, and Realtek had the driver.

As always, a driver update resets the device defaults, one of which is ‘allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.’ Leaving the box checked will ensure that your computer will NEVER stay in hibernate and so save power. The answer is obvious, yes? Uncheck the box, apply and exit.

Now, your PC will not suck in dust all night, and will be ready and waiting to burst into the desktop in a matter of a few seconds..


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