Nokia is in the news..

Microsoft aims to buy Nokia, subject to being allowed. It will all help towards the ‘devices and services’ direction that Ballmer has set in motion. The only problem I can see is getting Nokia to make a really good phone.Nokia_3310_blue

Nokia did make a very good phone indeed, but it was a while ago, around 2000. It was called the Nokia 3310, a solid little device which could be customized by the fixing of a veritable plethora of 3rd party covers. Reception was brilliant and sound quality was second to none.

I had one c/w Stars and Stripes covers and Star Spangled Banner ringtone. It made it instantly recognisable in looks and sound, especially as I was living in the UK. The service provider was Orange, undoubtedly the best service provider at the time, and the phone never missed a beat. I understand that service provided by AT&T and Rogers was not good, so reviews in North America were not so glowing.

For the rest of the world no longer in the cellphone dark ages, it was a gem. I let it go because I was planning to move out of the UK into Europe or maybe North America, and the 3310 wasn’t a tri-band model. The replacement was a tri-band Motorola, probably the biggest mistake I ever made.

So, Nokia has it all to do. There will never be another 3310 but we can only hope that Nokia have not forgotten how to make a really good cellphone..  

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