Why smartwatches are not a good idea..

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is the reason. Let me explain.. th

I was walking through my local Target store yesterday and came across one of these on a shelf priced at $9.99. In Tim Hortons, they cost around $1.50. So why the price hike?

I will tell you. Many Canadians can’t make a step in front unless they have one of these in their hands, can’t walk into a store (any kind) unless they have one of these in their hands. There are tables adjacent to the mall TH outlet, so why can’t they sit and drink at a table? It had been left on a shelf because not even Canadians can pick up an object to look at it while a TH Double Double is tying up one hand. There should be a ban on taking food and drink into stores.

But wait, there’s more. Canadian drivers have developed a way to leave a TH drive-through with a hot coffee in one hand and a sticky donut in the other. The technique is called ‘DISTRACTED driving.

But wait, there’s more. Sony Walkmans, iPods, Zunes, MP3 players in general promoted (and still do) a technique by pedestrians called ‘DISTRACTED walking’.  Combine the two and what happens? You don’t really need a photo for this scenario, do you..

OK, lets move on..

Cellphones take the above to a new level. Have you noticed when out and about that cellphone users feel the need to check their phones at 30 second intervals? Walking, sitting in a cafe or restaurant, it makes no difference. Have you tried talking to these people? They are in a world of their own.

You can be waiting for an elevator,the door opens and an idiot with a cellphone walks straight into you because he/she is too busy looking at their cellphone. The consequences get much worse if they pull the same stunt at a pedestrian crossing at traffic lights, and they do. And in mall parking lots. So now you have a moron in a moving car trying to text, and an idiot walking in a moving car area trying to text, and the combination is ………. FATAL.. 

If you want to be a part of the above, take a look here..http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2013/09/04/samsung-galaxy-gear.html .. If you think that the above is cool, you’ve just got to go for the smartwatch. Just think, you can block all forward vision while looking at the latest messages on your watch!!

This new technology is doing society no favours. It is designed with compulsive behaviour in mind, mobility, access anywhere and anytime. The only good thing about receiving a text message is that you will not ever get to hear the sender’s toilet flush.

C’mon people.. wake up. If the sender of a message expects you to respond in seconds, tell the person to go eat their shorts. Shut the phones down when it is not convenient. Take the ear buds out at times when it is more pertinent to be able to hear local sounds.. .

Use mobility wisely or leave it on the store shelves.. no, NOT your ‘double double..

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