Windows 8.1 + 24 hours..

OK. I survived the last round of updates and all still appears to be working and the hibernation issue that I had appears to have gone.

So, first impressions:

The Tile menu is better than it was. The tiles I first see in Metro mode are for applications already installed. I have to scroll across to the third block before I start to see the useless default apps. That is a good thing even though I have no intention of using the tiles.

There is a new splash screen, a geometric pattern based on the tile colours which is ok bit too garish for my liking. I have switched it back to the ‘station in motion’ graphic..

I expected to be able to go to Performance and Tools, but there isn’t a section for that anymore. All that is left is a basic Performance monitor. What this means is ‘no Windows Experience Index’. It is about time that the WEI was sunk without trace.

Windows Live Writer is no longer producing an error if I include more than one photo per blog entry.

Other than the above, I have no complaints, especially as some former issues appear to have been fixed, and my computer is running as fast as it did before.

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